My thoughts on: Toys

During my family’s 4th of July picnic we got to talking about old toys, and i had mentioned how I have been looking for an old Tamagotchi on ebay. Not to collect, but to actually play with. Fast forward a few weeks later, and my pretty awesome sister in law says that she found one for me in the 35 cent bin at the goodwill. I don’t know how she finds such cool stuff at the Goodwill. I go a few times a month and the most surprising thing i’ve ever found in those bins was a dead bug. So tonight i sat down, opened the package, and started to get a refresher course on how to take care of pixels. As i was reading the instructions, i discovered that it was a newer model of Tamagotchi and it had passwords and codes and points that you could log into their website of Tamatown. This came as GREAT news, seeing that i didn’t have any real plans for the evening- i could spend it on the computer in an imaginary town for 12 year olds. So i put on my stretchy pants, cut up a plate of watermelon and parked it in front of the computer. I typed in and nothing came up. So then i googled TamaTown, and discovered a cold hard truth- TamaTown had been shut down. I guess the kids are too busy uploading relationship pictures to facebook and uploading duck-faced selfies to instagram.

I”m still going to play with it, though. It’s just going to live a sad, solitary existence, never knowing what could have been. Maybe when it’s older, i’ll explain that the town she lived in was destroyed, and she was born 2 years after the dust had settled. In the meantime, while i wait for this stupid egg to DO SOMETHING, i’ve comprised a list of my top childhood toys. (And not the obvious ones either like Malibu Barbie. The random ones that just somehow stuck in my memory)

My top 5 toys growing up

5) Shadowgate for the NES: I’m only going to put one game on here, even though there are plenty. I didn’t know the name of this game until i had described it to that dude i married (and this was before we were married). I had described it as “It scared the pants off me it was so creepy. It was a screen-by-screen game, and it had two torches on the side. If you ran out of oil, the torches went out and a creepy skeleton got all up in your business.” Immediately, Adam google’s Shadowgate and i recognized those screenshots. Those creepy, 8 bit screenshots.

4) Barbie’s Soda Shop: I tried to google this just now to make sure it was a real thing, and i couldn’t really find anything. All i know is that it was on my christmas list one year, and my grandma had bought it for me. We were over at my grandma’s on christmas eve, and i just had to open it while we were over there and fill the cups and plastic soda fountains with actual soda. Long story short- I never wanted to play with it after that because it was always sticky.

3) Casio Secret Sender: This was kind of like a pocket organizer. You could type out journal entries and then lock it with a password. A few years ago i found my old casio, turned it on (and it came on!) and tried desperately to remember the old password, but i couldn’t. And way back in the ancient 1990’s there weren’t back up methods in case you forgot your password. So as it stands, the names of all the boys i had crushes on and the friends that i was mad at that week are forever locked on purple and pink Casio. Oh, and the “secret sender” part was the best part… when you had a friend over… who had the exact same model. You could sit across the room and send messages. I remember once sending a message (don’t ask why this sticks out in my brain) “Blues Traveler is the best band ever”. /facepalm

2) Barbie Fashion Designer for PC: I remember loading this bad boy up in the CD-ROM immediately after turning on the computer and firing it up through DOS. Oh, DOS… how you creeped me out. But come to think of it, the black screen with the white print still kind of creeps me out today when i boot up my computer. I blame DOOM (the first game that i ever snuck around to play, got scared and ran out of the room. Those mosnters get right up in your screen, man.) I got Barbie Fashion designer for my grandpas Christmas dinner at the Knights of Columbus (or the Elks club, i can’t remember which). It was actually pretty cool- you picked out which type of clothes you wanted (shirt, skirt, pants, etc) and then you got to make the pattern. Once you were done it was put on a pixelated barbie and walked down a runway. And if you REALLY liked it, you could print out the outfit on this special fabric-y paper and put it on your barbie. Not bad, 1995.

1) Slip n Slide: OH WAIT, i never got a slip n side even though i really, really wanted one.


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