My thoughts on: Being happy


I’ve been kind of down lately. I’ve been grumbling about stupid things like broken coffee makers, slow work weeks, boring weeknights, and health food. I realize that when i look upon the bigger picture, my first world problems are lame, and i am equally lame for letting them get to me. Sometimes, i need a reminder that the world is a playground and i just have to stop worrying about every single little thing and just enjoy the tiny little things that make life pretty great.

Top 5 things that you should be happy about. 

5) Going for a jog. … … … hahaha- just kidding. Running is the worst. In fact, NOT RUNNING is number 5. You know how great you feel after you have just gone for a run? Screw what science tells us about endorphines— we feel great because we have STOPPED RUNNING. For too long humans teetered at the top of the food chain, constantly on the lookout for hungry bears. Or Mountain lions. Or poisonous snakes. Or the honey badger. How many times did we, as a species, have to run for our lives from angry predators? A lot, i bet. And now, after the brutal and bloody demise of so many of our ancestors… we now run for fun? It’s spitting in the face of all the half eaten stumps of people who couldn’t outrun a bear that came before us. Whenever i’m feeling sad or down, i remind my self “I don’t have to run. I have the ability to sit on this couch and watch TV without the fear of a bear ripping my arms off and beating me with them.” Just take a moment and let that sink in.

4) Driving. When did driving become such a chore? People will pay 50 bucks to get into Cedar Point to wait in 3 hour long lines to sit in a cart that goes down a hill at 75 miles per hour. A gross, rickety metal cart littered with nervous people’s funnel cake farts. They don’t have a radio, you have to sit next to a stranger, and you will most likely lose an article of clothing at some point. What people fail to realize is that they have a roller coaster car that they paid thousands of dollars for just sitting in their driveway…. they just don’t know where to take it for a fun drive. You know how to learn where all the great driving hills are? Live in an area that gets buried in snow every winter… and you will learn REAL FAST where the steep hills are.

3) NES Games. Yeah, maybe watching an old episode of Full House will briefly take you back to the good old days before you were a grown up and were haunted by grown up responsibilities. But there is nothing like playing an old NES game. And different games hit you in different feels. If i pop in the original Super Mario Bros., it reminds me of basically any random day of my childhood, because that was one of the few NES games that we owned. Duck Tales, on the other hand, reminds me of those magical friday nights and saturday mornings after you got to rent a game from the video store. Sonic Spinball reminds me of Christmas and those popcorn trio tins. And no matter how bad life beat you down on that particular day, when you pop in one of those old games you are presented with a challenge you can actually reach: Save the princess. Every time i sit down with the intentions of saving the princess, i use the secret warp tunnel and then die in level 5 because i didn’t get warmed up enough. One day… one day i shall beat that game.

2) Space. It’s pretty cool. And pretty big… and it just keeps expanding. And if the multiverse theory is true, there is a place where you are reading this dressed as Batman. You can look up into the night sky with a head full of domestic worries and concerns, and in another universe, a you dressed as batman may be wondering if somewhere in the universe there is a you leading a simple life with simple problems. Think on that for a minute, and then unwind with this picture of a cat with its head in bread.

1) Off switches. I often need to be reminded of this. I feel like if the animals we live with were able to articulate their thoughts, they would ask us “Why do you get so upset by things that come out of those bright shiny boxes?” It’s a hard thing to do (why, i don’t really know) but the amount of peace i get from shutting off my computer and my phone for even just an evening is alarming. I love that i have a device in my pocket that keeps me in contact with everyone all the time. I love that if some one wants to tell me something at any time of the day- they can. But sometimes, taking a digital vacation reminds you that the things you are worrying about really aren’t that big of a deal after all.


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