My thoughts on: Winter


Christmas time is so great- all the decorations and the smells and the sounds… I especially love the juxtaposition of these things against a beautiful white backdrop. But there’s a problem.


After we take down the trees, and the lights, and throw away the egg nog… just like clockwork… it starts to snow. And snow. And snow. and it doesn’t stop. (My, i’m sounding like quite the oppressed Midwesterner) Believe it or not… I kind of like the cold. But i hate shoveling snow, and i miss wearing sneakers. And i bought a 2 seater hybrid last year like a ding dong… so driving on snowy roads is terrifying. And for some reason- it’s considered strange for a 30 year old woman to go sled riding alone. It’s cute when you’re little, and considered ironic when you’re in your early 20’s. But for some reason if i showed up at Firestone Park with my Little Mermaid Sled without my kids… i’d get some weird looks. (Add that into the PRO column for having kids). It’s getting to me, this winter. I can’t go running, i can’t go for a fast drive on the freeway blasting music with my windows down, i can’t walk to the grocery store, i can’t open my house windows when one of the cats thinks the living room is a litter box. How am i supposed to deal?

With that being said. Today’s list:

Top 5 reasons why winter doesn’t have to be so bad.

5) The clothes are like wearing blankets. And they hide extra pie. Ugg boots look stupid, but holy cow are they comfortable and warm. Pair it with some wool socks, a pair of fleece lined leggings and an oversized sweater… and it feels like you never got out of bed. ::air guitar::

4) Netflix. Netflix. Netflix. Bad weather can leave you with nothing else to do other than to plow through 3 seasons of House of Cards. Not like i did that. I do declare, i wont be subjected to such wild and unfounded accusations.

3) Conversation. I think that it’s cute, and kind of quaint, when people talk about the weather. There was a guy stocking bananas at the grocery store who asked some old woman (presumably one he knew) how she was. She said with the most miserable face “i’m sick of the snow. no one will plow my driveway.” And it led to the most adorable interchange. Or one day i walked to the grocery store after our first bad snow storm and decided to get a bowl of soup before i went home. While i was eating it there was a group of retired men sitting at the table across from me and all they talked about was the weather. Call me a weirdo, but it made me smile. It’s like living in Stars Hollow. Only i’m not smart… or particularly witty.

2) Pie. Did i mention the clothes allow for more pie? Sadly it’s hard coming up with 5 things…

1) The snowpocalypse solution. This is a new idea drafted by two minds delirious from cabin fever. And this is the reason for the post. Get ready to travel full circle, friends. Ok. SO. Every time there is a predicted snow storm (or snowpocalypse as i call them) i always go to the grocery store for snacks. (my reference to my trips to the grocery store in this post is borderline embarrassing). I’ll buy a hickory farms snack tray, some hummus, some fruits (to remind me of seasons past) coke, and chips. None of which we need to eat… and most of the times we don’t eat it. But then adam mentioned how sad it was that we took all the Christmas decorations down. And he put on some Christmas music. So i said: WHAT IF… instead of going to the grocery store for snowpocalypse snacks i went to target and bought snowpocalypse presents and wrapped them in Christmas paper? It would make being snowed in just that much better… and we would get a little taste of Christmas when there’s ACTUALLY SNOW ON THE GROUND.


end rant.



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