My thoughts on: Politics


In moments of frustration, I have come on here to vent about politics. And I never hit publish. That being said, if you are reading this you are reading my first public political rant. This is a big day. I keep my lips zipped when it comes to politics for one reason: expressing my opinion changes NOTHING. Not only does it change nothing, but it also makes my environment just a little bit worse. I’ve been called spineless for saying that both sides have merits and I wont cheer for a team. And since I’m an open person, i thought “DOES that make me spineless?” After much consideration, I came to this conclusion: No, it doesn’t make me spineless- it makes me smart. Because only in politics can you get away with calling a friend spineless.

I have read (most of) Bill Clinton’s autobiography My Life (cut me some slack- it’s a BIG BOOK.). I have read George W Bush’s autobiography Decision Points, and I will read Barack Obama’s autobiography presumably titled Why Can’t I Just Eat My WaffleWhat I learned was that each man was (spoiler alert) human, and they honestly wanted to make the country better and leave a positive legacy. Picking apart every little aspect of a candidates life is such a LAME way to spend one’s time.

This time around, i’m not going to do a top five list.

Top 100 conversation topics that are better than politics

  1. Cats in boxes
  2. Hot dogs
  3. Project Runway
  4. Jurassic Park 5
  5. Tartar sauce (it’s just pickles and mayonnaise!)
  6. Star Wars
  7. Jnco jeans
  8. Conveyor belt sushi restaurants
  9. Super Mario Bros. 2
  10. The cupcake dog
  11. Chernobyl
  12. Attack of the Killer Tomatoes
  13. Where do all the bobby pins go?
  14. Neptune
  15. Mighty fine a’pickin and a’singin
  16. Sleeping
  17. Vanity license plates that restate the type of vehicle
  18.  Color tinted sunglasses
  19. Multiverse Portals
  20. Origin of words
  21. Anvils in Bugs Bunny cartoons
  22. Shrimp cocktail
  23. Asymmetrical haircuts
  24. Bourbon
  25. Whatever happened to Psy?
  26. Buddhism
  27. Sam from Clarissa Explains it All
  28. Circus Atari
  29. Goats
  30. Nintendo Amibos
  31. Spicy food
  32. Dental work
  33. Gravel?
  34. Blind dates
  35. Chop sticks
  36. Google
  37. Oregon Trail
  38. Food from trucks
  39. Abandoned amusement parks
  40. Suicide notes
  41. Fallout 4
  42. El Chupacabra
  43. Pluto: still a planet in our hearts
  44. Groot
  45. Dungeons and Dragons
  46. Target
  47. Portland?
  48. It’s weird we all know how to spell Mississippi.
  49. Middle Earth
  50. Urban Fantasy Novels
  51. Menches Brother’s Hamburgers
  52. Deep fried candy bars
  53. Who is Sargent Pepper?
  54. Bento Boxes
  55. Myspace
  56. Sunblock
  57. Minecraft
  58. South Korea
  59. Hot or Not: Netanyahu
  60. Baby Boomers
  61. Curb your Enthusiasm
  62. Boss Monster
  63. Left handed people
  64. System of a Down
  65. Jonathan Taylor Thomas
  66. Dodgeball
  67. The Weather
  68. Sport
  69. Christmas
  70. Personal Winter Experiments
  71. Kierkegaard
  72. Chickens
  73. Antarctica
  74. Lasagna Soup
  75. Hoard vs Alliance
  76. Rolling Acres Mall
  77. Ships in bottles
  78. 80’s aerobics
  79. Disney’s Pocahontas
  80. Watermelon
  81. Catherine
  82. Saying the name “carl” like “coral”
  83. Ski Free
  84. Reebok hi-tops
  85. San Diego!
  86. Affordable home remodeling
  87. Being able to count really high
  88. Feeling healthy
  89. Getting desert at a restaurant
  90. Birds are modern dinosaurs
  91. Rain
  92. Breakfast for dinner
  93. Amazon Pantry
  94. Mad Max: Fury Road
  95. Internet cat gifs
  96. Troy Baker
  97. Websites that turn your name into a face
  98. Marshmallows
  99. Times Square
  100. Awesome blogs

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