About me

12030356_10153509298035073_2070280375958198531_oI like to make lists of things, and scribble them down on napkins. Contrary to what people believe about list makers, I am incredibly unorganized and scattered.

Top 5 things one should know about me

5) Sometimes, when i had a bad day, i’ll go to the Goodwill and “rescue” some teddy bears from going to the dump. It makes me happy, and costs like 65 cents

4) I am a big fan of Jethro Tull

3) I have played, and thoroughly enjoyed, Dungeons and Dragons.

2) I have never traveled west of Chicago. And that’s ok. I ate burritos in San Diego!

1) I played the co-lead as the color blue in my 2nd grade production of “The Color Play”


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